Wall Mounted Akhand Diya / Deep Oil Model 150 ml.



• Akhand Deep / Akhand Deeya is a Perfect combination of GLASS and BRASS.

• The Oil container (Oil Reservoir) available in sizes of 150 ml., The Main advantage / Plus point of our Akhand Deep is that ONE CAN RE-FILL THE OIL RESERVOIR, WITHOUT DISTURBING THE DEEP JYOT. This proves the Deep in real sense an AKHAND DEEP.

• Another Plus feature of the Akhand Deep is a NON – RETURN VALVE mechanism, which prevents excess oil to come out from the container, and also ensures that the required flow of oil for burning the “Deep Jyoti” never stops.

• Burning time: 150 ml. : 2 /2.5 days,

Description Wall Mouting Model Akhand Deeya / Akhand Deep 150ml


    Wall mounting model of Akhand Deep with 150 ml. oil container, which can be accommodated in small spaces, particularly, where there is no Table space for keeping the Diya. A beautifully crafted Brass Diya with 150 ml. Borosilicate Glass Oil Container, which in a single refill, can burn for 2 / 2.5 days. The Glass chimney protects the Jyot and keeps it Akhand.Just like your trust and faith in God.


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Dimensions 10 × 13 × 15 cm


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