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Author: arshdeep505

5 Famous Sarees In India

For those who love sarees but don’t know where to start from, we have created a listed of  5 Famous Sarees In India. Article highlights some important information such as Place of Origin, Fabric, Price Range (As of 2016), Distinct Feature & Maintenance. Benarasi Saree Place of Origin: Benaras  Fabric: Silk Price Rage: ₹ 2,000… View more

Kutch Handicrafts Items

From fashion to decor, if you start exploring the depth of craft from Kutch region in Gujarat, chances are you will be overwhelmed by sheer amount of things to choose from. To ease your confusion we have simplified and chosen the best Kutch Handicrafts. List we created covers items ranging from home decor, gifts, fashion,… View more

Glass Artwork in India

There are infinite ways in which human beings can express their creativity, some do through music, some through colors and some through words, the list here is endless, it truly is endless. Today, however, I would like to introduce you to expression through glass artwork. This artform requires sharp eyes, gentle touch, and a keen… View more