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Banana Handbags

Banana Handbags


Banana fiber is a natural leaf fiber obtained from a banana tree. You can find these trees in hot tropical climate.Besides being used as food, fodder and fruit source now a day’s its being gaining great importance in fiber industry. There are a variety of historical references to banana, Hindu, Greek, and Chinese and Roman literature.

Banana is the most important fruit crop in India. Its range, availability, tastes, medical and nutritive value makes it the favorite fruit among all the people.

Banana fiber yarn making is followed in many parts of the world mainly followed in Nepal & Japan.  It is the natural fiber with its physical feature. It’s similar to the bamboo fiber, and ramie fibers with fineness sharpen then these two. It is very strong and is lightweight with the shiny appearance. The fiber is eco-friendly fiber, and its average fineness is of 2400Nm.

Need of banana fiber

The basic main need of this fiber is the high-quality cultivation of the crop. The requirements of cultivation are an investment in horticultural with protected micro propagation, drip irrigation, integrated nutrient and use of latest harvest technologies.

Area & production   

In India, Banana rank 1st in production and third in thearea of thefruit crop. Its highest production is in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Assam are the other major banana producing states.  It is the most popular fruit due to its reasonable price with high nutritive value. People use it in in cooked form or use it as araw and ripe fruit.

Banana has a source of vitamins particularly vitamin B. It is also a source of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  It is easy to digest, free of fat and cholesterol. Banana powder reduces heart diseases, blood pressure, and ulcer and kidney disorders and fiber are used to make bags, pots and wall hangers. Form banana waste you can prepare rope and good quality paper.

Application of Banana fiber

Banana fibers have very limited applications. They get used for making ropes, mats, and other material. Due to thegrowing importance of eco-friendly fabrics and environmental awareness, it iswell-known, and now it is used in other fields like garments and home appliances. In Japan, they use it for making traditional dresses like kimono for hundreds of years. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is used to make fine cushion covers, bags, tablecloths, etc. Rugs made from banana silk yarn fiber are very famous world over.

Process of Banana fiber

The process of banana fiber is essentially hand driven, but now it changed with the invention of the machine of separator banana fiber. Itis a made-in-India machine manufactured by students of Tiruchirappalli Engineering College science and technology. The other facts associated with the development of machine is thatit can alsobe a used for other agricultural purposes. Using the banana wastage, you can create silk grade yarn.With these silk garments, you can make handicrafts and textile. The agriculturalwastage is converted into raw material to producegood quality of silk grade yarn.

Bags and Textile

The fiber extracted from the banana stem is useful for producing various cultural items.  You can use the extracted fiber yarn for various purposes such as spinning textile, weaving fiber, decorations, garments, art, fashion, other design, and handlooms. Through the wastage of banana, you can manufacturepaper used for making paper bags.

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