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Indian Craft

India is very famous for handicrafts with ancient time. In this blog, you will come across various crafts found in different regions of India. There is a huge variety of handicrafts in India ranging from wood carving, glass work, metal work etc. The craftsman makes different crafts like tables, jewelry, boxes, lamps, treys, an all… View more

Various Handicrafts!

We provide a variety of products like Handbags, Metal artwork, paper products, marble products, glass artwork, and woodcraft, spiritual products and much more. Elephant Candle Set This tea light candle with Elephant holder in green and yellow color creates a peaceful atmosphere in your home. This set adds special effects to your dining table and… View more

Wood Craft

Wooden handicrafts are famous all over the world for their beauty and durability.  From ancient times, wooden is used for furniture’s, frames, toys, dolls, statues; household items etc. wooden items have a large international trade. Wood crafts products attract human life. The range of wooden products is very decorative. In India, wood crafting is famous… View more

Banana Handbags

Introduction Banana fiber is a natural leaf fiber obtained from a banana tree. You can find these trees in hot tropical climate.Besides being used as food, fodder and fruit source now a day’s its being gaining great importance in fiber industry. There are a variety of historical references to banana, Hindu, Greek, and Chinese and Roman literature…. View more

Kraftsun Speciality

Handbags We are offering a wide range of Banana Fiber Bags. These are well designed and developed under the firm direction with good quality controllers and following the latest and new market trends. These handmade bags are available in various designs, patterns with reasonable prices. This banana fiber bags are of the fiber extracted from… View more

5 Famous Sarees In India

For those who love sarees but don’t know where to start from, we have created a listed of  5 Famous Sarees In India. Article highlights some important information such as Place of Origin, Fabric, Price Range (As of 2016), Distinct Feature & Maintenance. Benarasi Saree Place of Origin: Benaras  Fabric: Silk Price Rage: ₹ 2,000… View more