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Buyers Policy

Policy Review

We want to create a platform for all our members to be able to buy and sell with confidence. This policy clarifies our expectation for buyer‘s behavior. If the buyers fail to meet these standards, we encourage the sellers to report their concerns.

Our motto is to prevent seller from unfair and unsafe buyer activities. Any violation may result in stringent actions, including feedback removal, cancellation request, limits on account privileges, limits on overall buying activity and account suspension.

To make buying more safe and fun, we have drafted the buyer’s policy. We hold sellers to high standard of customer service. Our policy sets our expectation of seller and we hold sellers accountable to seller performance standard; if the buyers happen to report a problem regarding the purchase of certain item.

Additional information

The Buyer is required to adhere to the following policies:

All the buyers must keep their account details up to date. If the information provided by the buyer seems to be incorrect or fraudulent, then necessary actions may be taken for the same. We are not responsible if items are not delivered on time due to incorrect or invalid E-mail ID or other information provided.

  • Leaving Inappropriate Feedback
  • Abusing the Buyer Protection Programs
  • Misusing Returns
  • Not paying for items
  • Making unreasonable demands

It’s absolutely an appropriate tool to let other customers know about your personal experience with the seller, however we expect you to be honest and share the feedback. Do not merely hearsay your opinion. Leaving negative or neutral feedback or leaving a low detailed seller rating if the seller’s product doesn’t meet your required expectation is absolutely admissible. However, leaving an opinion in obscene language or consistently leaving negative remarks would result in feedback manipulation.

The feedback system cannot be abused. This indicates clearly that you cannot threaten to leave a negative remark if the seller doesn’t do something that he had not promised to do. You are not allowed to leave a feedback if you are doing so with the sole intention of increasing the sellers rating. Ensure that you understand and strictly follow our feedback policy. You shall not include any mere hearsay information that may result in maligning any user, brand or product in the feedback.

This policy contains all the measures to inform us of your dissatisfaction.  If you have a problem with the purchase, you can let us know all your discrepancies by writing to us on our E-mail ID. We don’t allow the buyers to abuse the purchase protection right.

In case you want to return an item, you may review our return policy before initiating a return. There may be certain norms specified for returns such as time limit within which the goods may be returned. You must check the return policy specified in a listing before making any commitment to pay for the same. It is encouraged to only return those item that are faulty or have not met specifications as promised to the buyer
Hereby, returning an item that has been damaged or destroyed after being delivered or claiming for an item that has not been specified in our listing policy would not be eligible for return.

Making demands to change the payment or timing, other than those specified in the listing will not be permitted. Asking for an additional item or services that are outside of what is contained in the listing is not permitted.

Buyer may opt for payment either through online payment method or through money orders. The buyer shall be notified of the payment confirmation as provided therein. The company reserves the rights to refuse to process the transaction in respect of buyers’ transaction with prior history of questionable charges. You can also utilize our voucher to purchase the products of our website.

The return policy is the ultimate driver to clearly define the methods of returning various items. If you have not received the order or have found the item not matching the expectations then you may return the same within 48 hrs. If you fail to receive the item on account of incorrect information or non-availability at the address provided, the transaction will be cancelled and the item will be returned to the seller. Refund shall be subject to the buyer complying with the specified user agreement and the rules and policies made thereunder.

If the items are returned due to defect in the items then we will be responsible to make the items available. However, if the buyer wishes to get a refund for the same, he may opt for that as well. In such a case the refund will be credited to the bank account of the customer. The buyer must however provide for the correct details, we take no responsibility if the amount is transferred to the wrong account due to wrong information provided. We also provide an option to avail our vouchers, which is an amount in excess of your earlier purchase price. However, take a note that you can utilize the voucher only for purchasing the items that are available on our website. You will see an option to indicate your reason for returning and to add photos of the items. Refund will be issued within maximum 10 working days of receiving the return.

However, the items to be returned for the reason of it being faulty, should also be intimated to us within 24 hrs. after receiving the order, only then the refund will be processed. The company is not obligated for the same if not intimated within the said period. In case the contract is revoked due to incorrect address provided for, the buyer will be granted refund only after deducting the courier or other incidental charges.

In case of any natural calamities or riots or any contingent factors that may arise, there may either be a delay in the delivery or revocation of the order. The normal expected delivery period is 7 to 15 days. However, we may deliver it early as well if possible. Also ordered quantity will be delivered only subject to the availability of the items. This mostly relates to the Bulk order placed.

If you have any problem with the seller then you may raise your concerns by informing us and we will investigate and take appropriate measures on the same. You should not guide other potential buyers to try and warn them about the seller.
Be honest and true and have a positive intention when you are trying to resolve a transaction problem.

If the buyer is returning the item because they are damaged or doesn’t match the specification mentioned in the listing, then the seller is obligated to accept the buyers return without any further thoughts. There will be specific rules set up for return so that handling the return from the buyer becomes easier, faster and more efficient.

Before you report of any policy violation you need to first read and understand the policy. The report of violation must however be specific and the buyer must submit them with the intention of addressing the problem rather than any falsifying or defrauding intention.

When we receive your report, we will consider all the information in details and investigate on the same before taking any actions. If we are not sure of anything or we don’t have ample of evidence to prove the same, then we may not take any further actions. In addition thereto, the results of any investigation will not be disclosed.

If you feel that a particular listing of the seller violates the policy, you may contact the customer service for the same. We will consider the same and take appropriate actions. When we review a report of the buyer violating the policies, we look at the circumstances including the past history of the buyer. However, we may make decisions based on the evidence in the individual situation, as well as evaluating the behavior that creates a negative value in the marketplace. If we are not sure about something or we are not able to collect appropriate evidences, we may not take any actions on the same. You can contact Customer Service to report a listing you think violates this policy. We’ll review your report and take appropriate action. For any queries and clarifications you may contact our customer care. Expect the reply within 24 working hours.

The communication of the buyer with the seller must be in lieu with the policy specified. All discrepancies will be resolved at the earliest. The seller may communicate to the buyer in case of any additional information required for delivery of items etc.

There may be a slight variation in the items as seen in the photo with the actual items received. However there will not be much difference as to the quality of the items. The difference may be only due to color shades.