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“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” -Frank Zappa

Welcome to our seller handbook page where you can find everything you need to know about selling your products on Kraftsun.

A. Get yourself ready!

Before opening a shop on Kraftsun get your checklist ready. Your list should include below points:

  • Products: Your products should be in complete condition to be dispatched timely
  • Product name: Give your product a catchy name, a name which describes them perfectly in one or two words.
  • Product title: Products should be titled in about 5-10 words max describing brief about the product.
  • Description: Elaborate details about your product as effectively as you can. Information should be clear and crisp.
  • Photography: Let your pictures speak about your product. Watch our photography tutorial to learn how to capture simple yet attractive photographs of your products.
  • Prices: Price your product smartly. We don’t want you to be unhappy and our customers as well.
  • Product code: Give your product a unique code. This is very important to keep your inventory organized.
B. How to open your Shop?

Login to www.kraftsun.com. Get yourself registered and after receiving your details we will call you within 12 business hours for further confirmation. This procedure is necessary for avoiding fake information.

We will enquire some details about you and may ask for pictures of your product. Don’t worry, it won’t take much time. Once your products are approved, your shop will be opened and you can access it with the same login ID and password you registered with.

C. Selling on Kraftsun!

Once your Kraftsun account gets activated, you can start listing your products. The complete procedure for listing a product requires below details to be filled in:

  • Basic Info of the product (Name, title, price, dimensions, weight, SKU or product code)
  • Categories: Under this you need to choose the suitable category your product falls in. For e.g., Home, Gift, etc.
  • Product description: Here you will have to write about your product, theme of the product (if any), inspiration and every feature about it in the best possible way. We recommend minimum 100 words for describing your product.
  • Materials & Tags: Fill in the names of raw materials used in manufacturing of your product. Tags are the hidden key words for your product. This is very important to optimize your product listing and make your product visible on Kraftsun and other search engines as well.
  • Picture: Upload the pictures of your product. Make it look more attractive through your photographs. Include views from different angles and a close up for details. Try not to upload heavy files. Pictures should be of maximum 2 MB.
  • Attributes: The attribute section is provided in case your product has different varieties in size, weight or colours. You can input prices according to the varieties and they will be listed as options available with your product.
D. Final Product Listing

Once all the above formalities are completed, the listing finally goes under editorial view and is re-checked by our editing team. Usually it takes maximum 6 business hours for any listing to get approved. Note* Kraftsun reserves the right to modify or remove any listing which is in any case unsuitable for website content without prior notification to the seller.

E. Margins & Miscellaneous Charges

No commission will be charged for first one month from the date of registration except the logistics and payment gateway charges.

After one month a nominal margin rate of 10% will be charged on every product sold by artist on Kraftsun.

Product listing is free of cost.