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India is very famous for handicrafts with ancient time. In this blog, you will come across various crafts found in different regions of India. There is a huge variety of handicrafts in India ranging from wood carving, glass work, metal work etc. The craftsman makes different crafts like tables, jewelry, boxes, lamps, treys, an all other things. They mainly make crafts from Brass and copper.

The craftsmen of Rajasthan are totally involved in wood with painting and carving with their great skills and creativity. The wooden things are smoothened by rubbing a powder and then it carved by the craftsmen. Many colors are applied on the peace of wooden statue. Mainly marble polish with bamboo is applied and then shined with oil.  Indian woodcraft is the ultimate combination of quality, services, and value. There are many products with different ranges from various part of India.  Wooden craft designing and manufacturing is an art which needs a great experience with hard training to be a master.

Crafts are a well-known and rich culture with gloried past, Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state of India and is also a major attraction of all the people. Jaipur is the place of tourist delight. This city is famous for arts and crafts and therefore it called a shopper’s paradise.  Jaipur art and craft include many things like handbags, statues, antiques, toys, carved furniture, paper Mache, enduring painting, toys, accessories, home decorations, handmade products and many more things which attract people a lot.

The royalty of Jaipur has always cherished a variety of handicrafts during this time.  The traditions are still kept with care and Jaipur is always active in the best handicrafts of India. Jaipur is very famous for all types of crafts. Art and craft include a decent variety of metal work and it is famous for brass work. The brass workers of Jaipur are expert in doing this all things statues and decorative pieces of fare quality with reasonable prices. Jaipur art and craft provides wood work with the best quality including the carved doors, windows, frames, statues etc. in marble work the most popular once are the marble statues of god, human figurines, animals, and carved designs.

Rajasthan is the place where all the royal crafts like wooden, glass, metal, silver etc. are handcrafted. Jodhpur is the famous place for producing metal artwork. The standard definition says that art refers to a variety of human creation, activities, and expressions that are attractive to the senses or some other impact on the individual mind.

Rajasthan is the popular place to look for wooden products like doors, wooden tables, chairs, benches, etc. wooden carved lightly or embellished with tiles. Jaipur is the first place where furniture is produced and manufactures. The finest artwork belongs to Bikaner. Known as gesso work and it is made from the inner hide of the camel, which scraped till the paper thin and it molded into various forms of lampshades.

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