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India’s Best Handicrafts

India’s Best Handicrafts

Handicrafts are mostly used and refer to handmade crafts or art. Very skilled people create various types of items from paper, wood, clay, stone, rocks, metal etc. these kinds of items are called handicrafts owing the fact that this item is crafted through the handmade use of material without any use of the machine. India is known for its tradition. As long as the culture is concerned, India is the culturally rich country in the world. The country is auspicious enough to possess some highly skilled artists. Indian handicrafts are very famous around the globe. Many rural people earn through handicrafts products and balanced their livelihood from their creative pieces of art.

Different Types of Handicrafts in India

  • Bamboo Handicrafts: – Handicrafts made up from bamboo are one of the eco-friendly crafts in India. Varieties of items are made from bamboo like baskets, dolls, toys, furniture, wall-hangings, mats, jewelry boxes and so on. Bamboo handicrafts are mostly made in West Bengal, Assam, and
  • Cane Handicrafts: – These handicrafts include items, like trays, baskets, stylish furniture etc. Tamil Nadu is the most famous for cane handicrafts products.
  • Brass Handicrafts:- Brass items are famous in Items made from brass includes Lord Ganesha, Krishna, postures, vases, table tops, lamps, boxes, toys, glasses, plates etc. these items are mostly used in many Indian houses till now. The manufacturing process of brass is mainly done in Rajasthan.
  • Jute handicrafts:- Jute handicrafts are used worldwide. The huge range of jute handicraft includes bags, bangles and other jewelry, footwear and many more. Mainly jute products are manufactured in West Bengal, Assam, and
  • Paper Handicrafts:- Paper handicrafts include various crafts like kites, masks, decorative flowers, lamps, shades, puppets, hand fans etc. paper handicrafts was developed in the Mughal Era. This craft industry is mainly located in Delhi, Patna, Ahmadabad, and
  • Wood handicrafts:- Woodcraft is very famous in India since ancient time. Many items are created by a craftsman with the use of wood. Gujrat, Jammu, and Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka are known for their unique form of woodwork. Toys, decorative pieces, jewelry, boxes, bangles etc. are some of the common wood crafts used in Indian house.
  • Rock Handicrafts:- rock art can be seen in the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Odisha, and  Jaipur and Madhya Pradesh are famous for marble carvings. Green colored stone art is the specialty of Madhya Pradesh. Odisha is the world famous example of rock craft in India.


Famous villages in India for handicrafts products

  • Utter Pradesh:- Is known as the capital of brass handicraft industry in India. The generation of families devoted to glass and brass work. There are maximum cities involved in Brass Handicraft work. The skill of artists of the city is ultimately fantastic across the globe. The Brass handicraft export of Moradabad is of high value.
  • Kutch, Gujarat:- Kutch is situated in the grand state of Gujarat. Kutch shares a border with neighboring country Pakistan. The kutch is the best place where art and craft center is promoted by various celebrities of Gujarat and Kutch.

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