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Kutch Handicrafts Items

Kutch Handicrafts Items

From fashion to decor, if you start exploring the depth of craft from Kutch region in Gujarat, chances are you will be overwhelmed by sheer amount of things to choose from. To ease your confusion we have simplified and chosen the best Kutch Handicrafts. List we created covers items ranging from home decor, gifts, fashion, jewelry and utility. However, before we proceed, I think it’s time to first understand the essence of Kutch handicrafts, craftsmanship, its history and its motivation.

You might be surprised to know that name is derived from the word “Kachchh” due to its tortoise like seawater surrounded land. Region is highly ecologically diverse, consisting of plains, marshes, grasslands, mangrove forests, deserts and the famous salts lakes as seen in the movie Refugee starring Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor. Geography of the region is highly complex and attracted pastoral, some of them sem-nomadic communities from as regions as far a Afghanistan including Sindh and Balochistan. Kutch Handicrafts has benefited from this mix of communities as each community brought something new into the fold. Each community captured its lifestyle in the crafts it produced. Over the years the items of utility have transformed into items of creative express and identity.

  1. Painted Terracotta – A visual identity that can be traced back to Indus valley civilisation these clay pots and toys are a work of highly skilled craftsmen. Womenfolk decorate them with geometric patterns. Animal, plants and flower are added into the mix and the design approach is individual to every community.
  1. Kachchhi Embroidery – Influenced by Mughals, key characteristic of Kachchhi embroidery are fine, regular chain stitches and the use of motifs. The style follows a color scheme of shades of red, pink, indigo, blue, and dark green. Kutch embroidery can be found on Handbags, clothing, bedding and envelops. You can see our collection of handmade clutches from kutch with beautiful embroidery. 
  1. Rogan Painting – Also known as Rogani Kaam is Unique to a single family in village named Nirona in the Kach region. It is an art of decorating the cloth with a thick paste made from castor oil. Art is drawn on the cloth with the help of needle, while paint is still wet another piece of cloth is placed on top to create a duplicate artwork. You can get this artform on items such as sarees and bedding.
  1. Namda Felted Rugs – Pinjara and Mansuri community craft felted namada or floor coverings. Art style of the rugs is unique to craftmen. There are three styles that are generally found in the market, Persian, Contemporary and Kashmiri.
  1. Leather works – Fine quality leather work with multicolored embroidery is a product of Marwadi Meghwals community of the Kutch region. The community is highly skilled in crafting items such a footwear, mirror frames and ornaments.  
  1. Wood & Lac Turnery – Items made by turning and shaping the wood or lac. Pressure is exerting on the wood with the help of irons chisels. Degree of pressure depends on the item being crafted. Dandia stick is a type of turned wood, other items available in this craftsmanship are wooden containers and kitchen utensils.
  1. Ajrakh Printing – The very famous Ajrakh printing is know through the world for its high details. Multiple dyeing techniques are used in Ajrakh. Different die types used are not only for aesthetic purpose but also because the colors of Ajrakh have warming effect in winters and cooling effect in the summer. You can find wide variety of clothing including sarees, suits, and lungis for men.
  1. Silverware – Famous for its use of relief, enamel and filigree work, Kutch jewelry is high in demand for marriages. Other silverware that one get from this region are jugs, thalis, glasses and shankh.

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